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The New England Lean Consortium will expose you to new ideas, new tools, new resources and will provide the support to you and your team to continue on and explore new regions of a Continuous Improvement Program. A Lean Consortium is a place to help your new team members gain experience, learn, and grow. Below you will find useful tools and information to help optimize Lean in your organization.

Keep up to date on the latest Lean information with the New England Lean Consortium Blog. We are continuously adding new information so make sure to visit regularly.

The New England Lean Consortium offers a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year. Check out our events schedule and mark your calendars for upcoming events.

A selection of additional resources that may be of interest to lean practitioners and those developing and running lean training systems. These resources include recommended reading, related websites, webinars and videos.

Lean Management In The News

The below are news articles that the New England Lean Consortium find interesting and relevant to the lean management world.

Lean Management: GE’s Wind Turbine Plant In Florida Is Using Continuous Improvement To Serve Customers Better

Article published on January 24, 2022

View the article here

4 Tips For Optimizing Warehouse Logistics Management

Article published on January 19, 2022

View the article here

World leaders seek ways to strengthen global supply chains

Article published on October 31, 2021

View the article here

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