• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

Spotlight on Volk Packaging Corp., Biddeford, ME

The year 2017 has turned out to be a most significant year for Volk Packaging. Three major events have occurred for the company. The first was the 50 year anniversary of the company. The second was a Lean Leaders Meeting for the New England Lean Consortium. The third was the hosting of an event to promote the Tax Reform Plan, a meeting organized by Senator Susan Collins (R) and attended by Ivanka Trump.

Volk Packaging

50 Year Anniversary

Volk Packaging Corporation, a 3rd generation corrugated box manufacturer in Biddeford, Maine, celebrated 50 years in business with an Open House on September 9, 2017. Over 300 people were in attendance. Guests were taken on a Virtual Tour of the company, hosted by the company President, Derek Volk. This video was recorded and edited by Derek’s 13 year old daughter, Serena Volk.


Derek, Douglas and Kenneth Volk hope you enjoy virtually visiting Volk Packaging Corporation. The company was started in 1967 by Ken Volk and his father, Benjamin. Ken’s youngest brother, Douglas, joined the business in 1974. His son, Derek, joined the family business in 1992. Volk Packaging started in a 20,000 square foot building at 11 Morin Street in the Biddeford Industrial Park. The company grew and eventually moved into a building across the street which they expanded from 54, 000 square feet to 141,000.

Volk Packaging has experienced continued growth for 9 consecutive years. The company has continued to expand and had to lease an off-site warehouse earlier this year. When that space was still not enough they followed by a leasing a second and then third off-site warehouse.

The secret of success for the Volk family and Volk Packaging is total service to the customer. Derek and Doug Volk claim, they take the business that no one else wants, and services it well. Total service means living up to Ben Volk’s motto, “Our customers are our bread and butter.” Volk Packaging gets many calls throughout the year, from their customers, that they have run out of boxes and need more boxes by tomorrow.

This often means a new order must break into the manufacturing schedule and the product is delivered by someone’s car or someone’s truck, in the middle of the night, on weekends, on Sundays, etc. Volk Packaging will do whatever it takes to get the product to the customer when they need it. This total dedication to the customer will insure another 50 years of success for the Volk Packaging Corporation.

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