• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

Volk Packaging Corporation Hosts Meeting to Promote Tax Reform

November 10th, 2017

Volk Packaging was selected to be the site of a meeting sponsored by Senator Susan Collins (R) of Maine, to promote Tax Reform. Volk Packaging is a Biddeford box manufacturer owned by Derek and Douglas Volk. Derek Volk is married to Republican State Sen. Amy Volk, who was elected recently as the Assistant Majority Leader of the Maine State Senate.

Volk Packaging is representative of a small size business that would benefit greatly under the proposed tax reform package. Ivanka Trump, a White House advisor to President Trump, was the guest speaker. In an hour long presentation, the two spoke about the need to simplify tax filing and the need to help the middle class.

They also spoke on the need to provide a tax break to small businesses, such as Volk Packaging. To quote Ivanka Trump, “The stated goal is twofold: enable our businesses to be competitive and thrive, and to provide meaningful tax relief to middle-income families.”

The purpose of the meeting was to build support for the Republican tax reform plan. The meeting was attended by an invitation-only crowd of about 250 people.

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