• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

SEMINAR: Visual Workplace · Visual Thinking

conducted by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth (Visual Management Visual Workplace Expert)

June 17, 2019 Monday | 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Admiral Packaging,10 Admiral Street, Providence, RI


$335: if you are a NE Consortium member $435: if you are not a member

Dr Gwendolyn Galsworth


The Visual Workplace methodology is a compelling operational imperative, crucial to meeting daily production goals, central to your war on waste, vastly reduced lead times and an accelerated flow. Workplace visuality is the language of excellence made visual and the glue that holds all other improvement activities together and makes them sustainable.

In this seminar, you learn visual principles and practices and how visual devices “…create a workplace that is self-ordering, self-explaining, self-regulating, and self improving—where what is supposed to happen does happen, on time, every time, day or night, because of visual solutions.”

Whether you are well on your journey to enterprise excellence—or about to begin, visuality empowers your workforce, transforms your workplace, and accelerates your improvement results and make them sustainable.


  • Learn the crucial difference between visual performance and visual management.

  • Walk through Galsworth’s ground-breaking 10-Doorway Model for letting the workplace speak.

  • Learn how visual technologies work together to create significant cultural & bottom line results.

  • Learn how to measure bottom line visual results & how to track their impact on people—I-driven.

  • Learn the vital difference between measures that monitor and measures that drive.

  • Discover the three biggest mistakes when launching a visual initiative & how to avoid them.

  • Learn the interface of brain function and excellence.

  • Learn about the powerful Visual-Lean® Alliance.

  • See dozens and dozens of visual solution.

  • Examine a case study of a company achieving high-level Opex goals through a visual conversion.

  • Learn to energize and unite your workforce through visual functionality—learn how others did it.

Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, Visual Workplace Expert

Gwendolyn Galsworth, Ph.D., is author of Shingo-award winning books and presidentfounder of Visual Thinking Inc., a training, research, and consulting firm, and the Visual-Lean® Institute, where trainers can get certified in nine core visual workplace methods. Dr. Galsworth helps companies around the globe accelerate their rate of transformation, strengthen cultural alignment, and achieve long-term sustainable results through workplace visuality. For more, visit: www.visualworkplace.com. I’ve attended many seminars on lean and have chosen visuality as the path for our company. This gives us the missing link for our focused factories and work cells. B. P., Goshen Rubber, Dayton, Ohio Galsworth is the world’s foremost authority on visual management. She raises the stature of visuality, hardens soft notions about it, and embeds it in structure and theory. Richard Schonberger/author of Let's Fix It!, World-Class Manufacturing, The Next Decade & more.

Host Site: Admiral Packaging, Providence, Rhode Island

Admiral Packaging, Inc. manufactures and delivers high quality flexible packaging through best-in-class technology, skilled employees, and commitment to service. Lean and Customer Focused: What the customer sees is an abundance of options and services, but internally we operate under lean manufacturing principals. Sustainable Practices: We are committed to sustainable processes and continuous improvement – learn how we’ve reduced water usage, CO2 emissions, and sulfur emissions. For more information visit: https://admiralpkg.com

$335: if you are a NE Consortium member $445: if you are not a member Included in your registration is Dr. Galsworth’s Shingo Prize-winning book, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking ($49 value).

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