• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean


Mercury Wire

Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Time: 9:30 –11:30 am NOTE: Please arrive at 9:00 am Location: Mercury Wire (1 Mercury Drive Spencer, MA 01562) Phone:(508) 885-6363

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  • This is a Members Only Event

  • It will not be a full Lean Leaders Meeting

  • Lunch will not be provided

To Register contact Joe Rizzo 207-400-4403 jrizzo43@bellsouth.net

This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.

The New England Lean Consortium will be holding its February Meeting at Mercury Wire in Spencer, MA. This will be a Plant Tour of a company that is recognized for its advanced Lean program and not a regular Lean Leaders Meeting. This will be a Members Only event. The NELC is not so naïve as to think that all the Lean best practices reside in the members of the New England Lean Consortium.

From time to time, the NELC visits non-member companies that have demonstrated Excellence on their Lean journey. Mercury Wire was one of the Plant Tours for the AME Annual Conference in Boston in 2017. This tour was highly attended and highly rated.

“Mercury Wire exclusively develops custom cable and electronic assembly solutions for customers across a variety of industries and markets worldwide. Our manufacturing facility is conveniently located in central Massachusetts with easy access to major roadways and points of export. Since our humble beginnings in a garage over half a century ago, we continue to operate under the belief that there are always opportunities to improve how we deliver value to our customers.

As a family owned and operated company, Mercury Wire can dynamically align both its structure and processes to meet your specific needs. This flexibility allows us to maximize the value we add and help reduce unnecessary waste by optimizing both manufacturing processes and layout to help ensure you receive the highest quality product at the lowest possible price. Our long-term, holistic view in building mutually beneficial relationships starts with you. We thoroughly research the challenges you're trying to overcome - going beyond a list of product specifications to fully understand your unique opportunities and business goals. Together, we create a vision for a comprehensive solution that suits your needs and moves your business forward.”

  • Among the best practices that attendees will see are:

  • Strong Customer Focus

  • Specific cells for quick delivery

  • An ultra-responsive, short run wire manufacturing operation

  • Rapid prototyping capabilities

A Lean Consortium is a group of companies and organizations that get together to help each other on their Lean Continuous Improvement journey by sharing best practices and resources. Facilitated by a Lean CI professional, the Consortium brings together local companies and peers to share, learn and grow with each other on their Lean journey.

Meeting Content A Lean Leaders Meeting is an opportunity to learn new approaches to improving a Continuous Improvement Program. Attendees at these meetings can always walk away with some new ideas or new tools that they can apply at their own place of work. The host company benefits from the Meeting through the Plus/Delta Feedback Session as many improving ideas are offered during the session. The main benefit of a Lean Consortium is the fresh pair of eyes that come to a member company, and see the obvious waste. Attendees ask the Why? questions. Why do you do that? Why do you do it that way?

The attendees at a Lean Leaders meeting are all Lean Practitioners, possessing great experience, expertise and skills in Lean. The attendees offer their suggestions for improvement based on what they see and what they hear. It is a great opportunity to have a team of leading Lean Practitioners tour your plant and provide positive, reinforcing feedback.

To Register contact Joe Rizzo 207-400-4403 jrizzo43@bellsouth.net