• Joe Rizzo

People of the New Collar Workforce

Sarah Boisvert a good friend of the NELC, and an expert in lasers and digital manufacturing, has published a second book related to digital manufacturing, “People of the New Collar Workforce”.

Sarah Boisvert

This is a leading edge book, not only in subject matter and content, but also in how Augmented Reality is used to bring stories of workers who use new technologies like 3D Printing and AI to life. Most of these workers have no college degrees yet find their work engaging, earn enough to support their families, and help solve world problems.

Sarah’s new book was selected as part of Gary's Book Club for #CES2020 testifying to the importance of the topic and use of AR technology to change the publishing industry. Proceeds from book sales support internship programs nationwide.

See the YouTube video for a demo of the AR Link and more information to get your own copy of the new book!