• Joe Rizzo

NELC Expert Series

The main objectives of the New England Lean Consortium are the sharing of best practices and the sharing of resources. To date, I think we have done a good job in the sharing of best practices, as we offer up to ten plant tours of member facilities and non-member facilities that demonstrate excellence in one or more areas.

The sharing of resources includes inviting members of the NELC to participate in one or more of your Kaizens. We were successful with this approach at Blow Molded Specialties where we conducted four 5S Kaizens and three members came and participated in the event. We need to do more of this type of activity.

During the last few months, we offered the members an opportunity to participate in an application for a Work Force Training Grant in each State. It turned out that several members already had Work Force Training Grants and therefore could not participate in the application. Additionally, there was not enough interest from the other members to proceed with applications for Work Force Training Grants.

Since I firmly believe that, in order to have a successful Lean program, all workers, all employees should be trained in the basics of Lean. One way to do this is to develop a data base of expertise in the members of the NELC. This data base would be available to the Members on the NELC website, in the Members area.

The next step would be to ask those people who are in the data base, if they are willing to conduct a one hour, a half day, or a full day workshop on one of their areas of expertise.

For those who are interested, we would develop a workshop on their area of expertise.

We would host the training at one of the member’s facilities or at a local Community College.

Each member company could send two or more people to each of the training events. We would charge $50 or $100 per attendee. The money would be deposited in a separate NELC account, a Workshops account, and would be used to offset the cost of future Subject Matter Experts Workshops.

Future workshops may be by well know subject matter experts such as, but not limited to:

• The Toyota Production System – Michael Hoseus

• Toyota Kata – Jeff Liker

• Gemba Boards and Gemba Walks – Michael Bremer

• Leadership – Joe Barto

• Lean HR – Cheryl Jekiel

• Lean Accounting – Ori Fuime

• Lean Safety – Bob Hafey

• Visual Workplace – Gwendolyn Galsworth

If you are a NELC member, please fill out this survey to identify three or four of their areas of expertise that you might be willing to share.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Joe Rizzo


New England Lean Consortium