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Where are America’s New Jobs Going to Come From?

Manufacturing Day Friday October 5, 2018


I am not sure how many people know of Manufacturing USA. It is a relatively new organization within NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in the Department of Commerce.

It was formed three years ago through an act of Congress, the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (Public Law 113-235).

It is an organization that promotes innovation through 14 different Institutes, and helps move those innovations into production in the U. S.

Vision, Mission, and Goals

Manufacturing USA seeks to address the complex technology transition challenges associated with advanced manufacturing that exist between early-stage research and technology adoption. To provide ongoing focus and guidance for its stakeholders, Manufacturing USA’s vision, mission, and goals were documented in the program’s first Strategic Plan.19

The program’s four goals are to:

1) increase the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturing

2) facilitate the transition of innovative technologies into scalable, cost-effective, and high-performing domestic manufacturing capabilities

3) accelerate the development of an advanced manufacturing workforce;

4) support business models th at help the Manufacturing USA institutes to become stable and sustainable after the initial federal startup funding period

Below is the link to the report. It is 177 pages long. But it is worth the time and effort to read the entire report as there are large number of new and innovative technologies on the horizon.

What will the world of manufacturing look like in five or ten year?

I can not speculate as there is not enough human intelligence in this world to accurately predict where the new technologies will take us.

>> Manufacturing USA Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report <<

Manufacturing USA

From the Executive Summary of the Report:

“Manufacturing USA completed its third year since Congress authorized the program through the Revitalize American Manufacturing and Innovation Act (Public Law 113-235). This Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report describes the accomplishments and state of Manufacturing USA, including its 14 member institutes.

Manufacturing USA focused on growing the network of institutes, developing manufacturing technology and avenues for technology transfer, and developing education and workforce development programs this year. In all areas, the program has been successful, as summarized below. There has also been a significant growth in key performance metrics indicating a robust Manufacturing USA program. Focus Area: Manufacturing USA Network Growth The first focal area this year, growth of the network, follows the original vision for Manufacturing USA. Manufacturing USA grew substantially in 2017, adding 6 new institutes to make a total of 14 institutes. At the same time, commitments of support over the program’s life have grown to more than $3 billion, comprised of $1 billion of federal funds matched by over $2 billion of nonfederal investment, representing a remarkably effective catalyzation of matching investment. Furthermore, the states contributed over $400 million to Manufacturing USA institutes, in recognition of the importance of advanced manufacturing to the economy and to the future success of state and local communities. This enthusiastic reception by industry, academia, and the states confirms that the Manufacturing USA program is serving a critical need for U.S. manufacturing. “

From the Director’s Letter:

Manufacturing USA helps industry move discoveries from the Nation’s universities and research laboratories into production in the U.S. The program’s institutes develop world-changing manufacturing technology and equip the U.S. manufacturing workforce with the high-value skills needed to make tomorrow’s products.