• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

Recap: Lean Leaders Meeting at Wunderlich Malec

Lean Leaders Meeting at Wunderlich-Malec, November 8, 2019

New England Lean Consortium held its November, 2019 Lean Leaders Meeting at Wunderlich-Malec on Friday, November 8th. Wunderlich-Malec opened its Winslow, Maine plant in September 2001 to provide Protective Relay and Control Panels for the Power market and Process Skids. In 2004 the business expanded to meet the needs of the Modular Integrated Control House market. Our engineering and systems integration skills provide added value to customers by designing innovative solutions that reduce costs and improve the quality of our Modular Solutions.

In 2016 Wunderlich-Malec completed its Maine facility expansion uniquely designed for Control House and Skid Manufacturing. This modern manufacturing facility is designed for high quality, high volume fabrication using the latest technologies. The facility is certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Churchill Elangwe, Quality Manager, was the host and presenter of the Company Presentation. Churchill gave a brief history of the company and described the significant growth that the company has experienced over the past few years, with last year being a record year for Sales.

Churchill also described the Quality System which he put in place when he first joined Wunderlich-Malec. The system is a World Class system with embedded pictures for all aspects and phases of construction and assembly. All a person has to do is roll the mouse over the area of interest and pictures pop up. It is a comprehensive system containing the following sections:

1. ISO Quality Manual 2. ISO Procedures 3. ISO Forms Checklists 4. ISO External Documentation 5. ISO Record Table 6. Dashboard 7. Templates 8. Projects Digital As-built Photo / Photo Indexing mouse over system. 9. QA-QC Tagging System 10. Quality Policy / Quality Statement

After the company presentation, the group went on a plant tour of the facility. It was comforting to me to see that the 5S work that was completed three years ago has not only survived but has been enhanced and improved. There are now aisles in the assembly area.

All subassemblies undergo rigorous functional testing to assure quality.

A tremendous amount of wiring goes into each panel and each unit. Cables are assembled in the Cable Assembly Room, which has maintained the U-shaped flow throughout the room. Significant improvements in Productivity were obtained after the 5S Kaizen that was conducted there approximately three years ago.

After the Plant Tour of the three buildings on the Wunderlich-Malec Campus, the attendees returned to the Conference Room and participated in a vigorous and extended Plus/Delta feedback session. Most of the discussion was complimentary to Churchill and Wunderlich-Malec for the extensive and World Class nature of their operation and their dedication to Quality and Service to the Customer.