• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

E. A. Dion: Post Mortem of Plant Tour for AME Boston 2017

E. A. Dion, a proud manufacturer of creative custom recognition, promotion and motivation jewelry solutions, located in Attleboro, MA, hosted a Plant Tour for the AME Boston 2017 Conference. Roland Dion, Vice President of Manufacturing recognized the significance of the event as twenty five of the country’s leading Lean practitioners were going to visit the plant in Attleboro. Roland took advantage of the occasion to accelerate the 5S efforts throughout the plant. After the guests left, Roland took the time to do a Post Mortem of the event.

One of the great side benefits that resulted from hosting the tour, was the organization grew in maturity. Roland felt that this tour created unity in the company because everyone was working together for a common goal

Below are what Roland and his team learned and accomplished.

EA Dion

In preparation for the event the following items were completed:

• Office Carpet Cleaning • Sort everywhere

-Forced examination of need for samples, tools, boxes, equipment, etc.

-Cleared the RED tag area 5 + times

• Shined everywhere

-Forced us to take step back and acknowledge how grimy things can get. -Washed floors -Wiped down equipment -Wiped down desks and chairs -Painted walls -Cleaned all carpets -Painted equipment -Fixed 'Tin Man" power press. Oil leaked for 20+yrs

• Improved Team Work and Communication • Increased awareness of how to use some Lean tools: 5S, KanBan, Value in waste reduction, Brain storming • Minimal Disruption to accomplish: Many hands make light work • Little to No Negativity in being involved • People became more aware of other department and Processes • Put names to faces for the folks working the phones

As a result of the preparation for the tour, other on-going and permanent activities have been implemented.

• Developed a schedule for floor washing in the plating room • Set in Order, everywhere

-Forced and examination of where the tools and supplies should be stored -Re-organized the shipping department -Added a larger Maintenance Supply area -Added a new coat rack -Re-organized the copy paper storage area -Implemented new and updated other shadow boards in the Sandblast room, Packing room and Casting room

• Standardize

-Developed a new racking process -Updated the Material Color Coding Schedule -Re-purposed the white board in Tooling -Re-organized the Postage area to include visual instructions -Re-evaluated the gas storage area -Eliminated ten bottles of gas for an annual savings of $3,600 -Greatly increased the number of kanbans

 sandpaper  polish wheels  polish compounds  glass beads  fish glue  clear lacquer  casting investment  brass grain supply  strap holder solder  ball burr storage  plating pins  mixed bed resin

• Re-started the 5S Program

-Factory: Love Boat to finalize Standardize and Sustain -Office: Quarterly Gemba walks. 63 tasks completed to date

• Engineering

-Created an AME Tour folder to include the presentation topics and presentation info for future use / reference -Updated a process flow chart to use as a display in our presentation -Worked with marketing to make a nice flow chart display

EA Dion

In hind sight, Roland thought that he should have included the entire team in the picture with the AME plaque. E. A. Dion benefited tremendously from hosting the tour. They are soon to be rewarded with the feedback from the visitors who offered up several improving ideas for E. A. Dion.