• Joe Rizzo

Spotlight on the NELC Virutal Assistant: Cathryn Majorossy

We are coming up on two years that Cathryn has started working with me to promote and grow the New England Lean Consortium. I placed an ad on LinkedIn for a Virtual Assistant. I received forty two responses. Since Cathryn lived in the adjoining town, I interviewed Cathryn first. It turned out to be the only interview I had for the position, as Cathryn had all the skills, experience and personality to do the job. On the basis of the first interview, I hired Cathryn. Cathryn possesses great expertise in Social Media.

At that time, there were six members of the NELC. Now there are twenty one, soon to be twenty two. Over the past two years, Cathryn has developed a logo for the NELC, upgraded the website, created two business cards for me, developed a trifold for the NELC, researched good articles to post on LinkedIn, makes two postings a week on LinkedIn with an average viewing of 500 per posting. One of the postings received over 22,000 views. Over the last two years, the number of my contacts on LinkedIn has increased by 50%. All of this is due to Cathryn’s efforts.

Cathryn has also established an account with Mailchimp, and manages data bases for Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She sends out notices for all the Lean Leader Meetings and the workshops and seminars as well. I sometimes affectionately refer to Cathryn as “Cathryn the great”.

From the beginning, I told Cathryn that she would share in the success of the NELC, and to date, I have kept that promise.

In addition to working with the NELC, she also worked part time with River Tree Arts of Kennebunk, ME. That organization is growing too, and is receiving more notice in the community due to Cathryn’s efforts. She has since been promoted to Director of Communications with River Tree Arts. At home, she is a busy mother of three young boys. She enjoys reading and is learning to play the piano.

You will get a chance to meet Cathryn at the Lean Leaders Meeting at Volk Packaging in Biddeford, ME on May 15th. If for no other reason than to meet Cathryn, you should attend the LLM at Volk Packaging.