• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

6S Kaizen at Blow Molded Specialties

On June 18th, the New England Lean Consortium organized and helped to lead a 6S Kaizen at Blow Molded Specialties in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The employees themselves picked four areas that they felt were in need of a 6S kaizen.

They were: • The dead storage area in the far corner of the warehouse • Blow Molding Machine H5 • Blow Molding Machine SPB2A • Create a machine changeover cart to eliminate frequent trips to the maintenance shop while performing a machine changeover.

A total of thirty two employees were involved in the four 6S Kaizens. Due to the large scope of the kaizen, a call went out to the New England Lean Consortium for volunteers for 6S Kaizen. The volunteers were Sean Anzuoni, CEO, Quantum Leap Engineering, Diane DeMedeiros, HPB Production Assistant/CI Specialist, CPS Technologies and Rich Wills, General Manager, Volk Packaging.

NELC Volunteers Diane DeMedeiros, CPS Technologies / Sean Anzuoni, Quantum Leap Engineering / Rich Wills, Volk Packaging


Dead Storage Team Wes Guzman, Alex Soto, Lori Dolan, Alfredo Serrano, Jorge Cardenas, Ruben Aquino, Denise Dias Not shown: Maria Melo, Pedro Matos, Manuel Macario, Brian De La Cruz

Blow Molding Machine – H5 Team Antonio Soares, Francis Martinez, Alfonso Montero

Blow Molding Machine SPB2A Team Phillip Kremer, Ivelisse Ortiz, Angela Rivera, Alberto Ovalle Not shown: Balentina Montero, Violeta Crespo, Iris Cruz, Katherine Laboy

Kitting Cart Team Rob Dubour, Reynaldo Bello, Vinny Cordeiro; Not shown: Angel Serrano

6S Kaizen

I have to commend and congratulate the Management Team at Blow Molded Specialties for the very thorough and complete preparation for this event. At my recommendation, they purchased a 5S Starter Kit from the 5S Store and they purchased a 5S Cart to hold all the 5S supplies. They purchased or made available all the supplies and cleaning materials on the list that I provided. In addition, they met with each team individually and completed the Kaizen Charter with all the information that was requested.

One clear lesson learned from this event, is that the people have ideas on how to improve their work areas and make their jobs easier and better, which in turn, benefits the company, as they become more productive. However, they are rarely given the time to implement their ideas. For this 6S Kaizen event, the entire company was shut down for one complete shift. You can see from the pictures and the BEFORE and AFTER summaries, that the event was well worth it. As a recommendation, companies need to provide the people the time to implement their ideas and make improvements. For starters, one day per month should be sufficient time for the employees to improve their work areas.

The second observation was, no one had to tell the team members what to do. They each gravitated to what they liked to do and what they were interested in doing. Some built pallets to store equipment parts. Some swept the floors. Some did the taping. Some made labels.

The Management Team Diane DeMedeiros, Sean Anzuoni, Avril Cook, VP of Manufacturing, BMS, Zef Domingues, Director of Engineering, BMS, Rich Wills


dead storage

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