• Joe Rizzo

38th Annual AME International Conference

The AME International Conference is a great opportunity to network with lean leaders. If you register before December 31, you can save 40%.

The event will be held in Dallas from October 17-20, 2022 at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. One thing to expect is:

"At AME Dallas 2022, you'll see an AMV-AI (autonomous machine vision artificial intelligence) that mimicks cognitive human vision for quality inspection using three synergetic AI engines driving a unique electro-optics edge device. This inexpensive and reliable AI solution requires a setup process dramatically shorter than most AI training processes. You'll also see a state-of-the art resin 3D printing machine used in advanced product design, development and production volumes for the medical, aerospace, and other industries."

Are you interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor for this event? It is a great opportunity to reach your specific audience and the different levels of sponsorship opportunities help fit your budget. If any of the below interest you, please contact sponsorship@ame.org.