• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

Lean Leaders Meeting: Hosted by Admiral Packaging

Date: Friday, January 31, 2020

Time: 11am -3pm Location: Admiral Packaging, Providence, RI

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You are invited to this free event!

Includes lunch. Seating is limited so please register prior to the event.

To register contact Joe Rizzo 207-400-4403 jrizzo43@bellsouth.net

The New England Lean Consortium will be holding its January 2020 Lean Leaders Meeting at Admiral Packaging in Providence, RI, on Friday, January 31st. Current Lean Consortium members include companies from Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

From the website: www.admiralpkg.com

“Admiral Packaging’s company headquarters are located in Providence, RI in a collection of buildings built between c. 1860 and 1986. Known today as the “Union Paper Co. building” our headquarters are an Ocean State landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places as an example of textile mill architecture and engineering. Through the implementation of LEAN manufacturing principles, Admiral Packaging has reduced its manufacturing square footage and converted the extra space to commercial offices. After the economic transformation, the huge Union Paper Co. complex is now occupied by a variety of businesses from start-ups and high-tech to an international transportation company. Sensing an opportunity to serve the growing business community of Providence, Rhode Island, Moses Frank founded Union Paper Company in 1898 as a supplier of paper and stationery products. Union Paper grew steadily through the early 1900’s, maintaining a commitment to customer service that lives on today. In 1954, under the leadership of Bud Frank, the company entered into the converting marketplace. Through the investment in the most advanced equipment available at the time, Union quickly became one of the leading converters in the Eastern United States. Printing capabilities were soon added and in 1962, the company moved to its present location in Providence. Harley Frank, the fourth generation of the Frank family, has continued to guide and grow the company though the turn of the century. In 2005, the company changed its name from Union Industries to Admiral Packaging, Inc. to more accurately reflect its commitment to flexible packaging. ”

A Lean Consortium is a group of companies and organizations that get together to help each other on their Lean Continuous Improvement journey by sharing best practices and resources. Facilitated by a Lean CI professional, the Consortium brings together local companies and peers to share, learn and grow with each other on their Lean journey.

You are invited to attend this Lean Leaders Meeting.

Who Should Attend? Those companies that have a Lean Program and would like to take their CI program to a new level. Those companies that would like to benchmark with other companies in New England.

Meeting Content A Lean Leaders Meeting is an opportunity to learn new approaches to improving a Continuous Improvement Program. Attendees at these meetings can always walk away with some new ideas or new tools that they can apply at their own place of work. The host company benefits from the Meeting through the Plus/Delta Feedback Session as many improving ideas are offered during the session. The main benefit of a Lean Consortium is the fresh pair of eyes that come to a member company, and see the obvious waste. Attendees ask the Why? questions. Why do you do that? Why do you do it that way?

The attendees at a Lean Leaders meeting are all Lean Practitioners, possessing great experience, expertise and skills in Lean. The attendees offer their suggestions for improvement based on what they see and what they hear. It is a great opportunity to have a team of leading Lean Practitioners tour your plant and provide positive, reinforcing feedback.

To register contact Joe Rizzo 207-400-4403 jrizzo43@bellsouth.net