• Joe Rizzo. Director of the New England Lean

Lean Leaders Meeting at Rousselot: 6/6/17 Recap

The New England Lean Consortium completed a very busy first half of 2017 with a Lean Leaders Meeting at Rousselot in Peabody, MA. Rousselot is one of the leading producers of Gelatin in the United States. The facility in Peabody is celebrating its 200th anniversary as a viable production plant. The plant was originally a producer of glue, and later re-purposed to a producer of gelatin.

Rousselot is a good example of Lean for the process industry. They have implemented a good 5S program, along with daily market meetings, and a significant visual management system. Rousselot also had made some significant improvements in their Lean Program since we were there in September of 2016.

The attendees were treated to an extensive and detailed presentation of the manufacturing process at Rousselot, interlaced with a description and highlights of their Continuous Improvement Program. The presentation was followed by an extensive plant tour.

The most significant part of the Lean Leaders meeting was the Plus/Delta feedback session following the plant tour. There was an open and candid exchange of ideas during that discussion. As a reward for, and thank you to the management team at Rousselot for hosting the meeting, Rousselot received many, good improving ideas.


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