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The New England Lean Consortium is a group of companies and organizations that work together to become more efficient, more profitable, and therefore, more competitive in the global marketplace, through the sharing of best practices and resources in Continuous Improvement efforts based on Lean principles.


Facilitated by a Lean CI professional, the Consortium brings together local companies and organizations to share, learn and grow with each other on their Lean journey. A Lean Consortium benefits the member companies, their employees, and their communities.


This knowledge sharing and benchmarking is accomplished through:


  • Lean Leader Meetings

  • Workshops and Seminars

  • Training

  • Shared Kaizens

  • Plant Tours of non-member companies exhibiting excellence in one or more areas

  • Roundtable Discussions via or Skype

  • Newsletter  (e-newsletter sign up here)

  • Board of Directors Meetings

  • Virtual Lunch and Learns

  • Virtual Lean Leader Meetings

  • Virtual Membership

  • Other opportunities as they occur










Benefits of Membership


Synergy – The benefit of working with other like-minded people to take your Continuous Improvement Program to the next level


Fresh Set of Eyes seeing your operation – Too often we are too busy taking care of problems and customer issues to take the time to step back and see if there is a better way. Having a team of Lean Practitioners visit your operation will provide a fresh look at your operations


Ask the Why? Questions – The outside people with the fresh pair of eyes will ask the Why questions. “Why do you do that?”, “Why do you do it that way?”


Collaboration with a Group of Lean Practitioners – Develop a network of leading Lean Practitioners to bounce ideas off of and to receive improving ideas.


Formation of SIGs, Special Interest Groups – Although many companies are in different markets, have different customers, and manufacture different products, many of them have the same problems. We form SIG groups to resolve those common problems.


Networking – Network with leading Lean Practitioners


New Customers? – There may be an opportunity to develop new customers with some of the members


Constant Pressure on Continuous Improvement – Each member must host at least one Lean Leaders Meeting per year. The other members will visit your facility and will want to learn something from you. They will come back the following year and expect to see further improvements.


Finally, there are all of the incumbent benefits of having a viable and aggressive Continuous Improvement Program based on Lean.


Benefits of Lean


  • Lower Costs

  • Improved Profit Margins

  • Improved Quality

  • Improved Productivity

  • Improved Service to the Customer

  • Increase in Capacity with no additional equipment

  • Increased floor space

  • Reduced Lead Times

  • Compete on Service instead of Price

  • Growth

  • Increased Market Share

  • Long Term Viability



Annual Membership Fees



“The Lean Leaders Meetings take place in the real world, with real world experiences and real world opportunities to learn. Therefore, the Lean Leaders Meeting is the prime activity of the New England Lean Consortium. As far as I know, there are no other organizations in New England that can offer its members six to twelve plant tours each year.”

Shortly after we receive your payment we will send you a welcome email outlining your member benefits.

Please email Joe Rizzo, Director of the New England Lean Consortium with any questions.