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The New England Lean Consortium is a dynamic, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing Lean in all sectors of our economy. Driven by members needs, the NELC can provide the philosophy, tools, and techniques to meet today's business challenges through members serving members, including but not limited to the following sectors: manufacturing, service/transaction, businesses, education, healthcare, and government.




Continuous Improvement
Quality - Safety - Cost - Delivery - Morale (QSCDM)

Engaged membership
Sharing, networking, volunteering time, talent, space and resources


Cross-Sector Participation
Varying levels of knowledge and experience with Lean and levels within organizations


Integrity and Trust
Foundation for sharing among competitive organizations, businesses, and consultants


Collaborative Learning
Hands-on, experiential learning, teaching/coaching/mentoring


Cultural Transformation
Everyone, every way, every day





New England Lean Consortium aspires to be a national leader in promoting a culture of operational excellence by connecting our members through world-class learning and networking opportunities.



Drive competitive performance improvements by expanding Lean culture and sharing lessons learned.


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"Membership in the New England Lean Consortium enables us to share best practices with other Lean leaders and practitioners in a very tangible way. The site-specific Lean Leader meetings are especially valuable as they encourage and support the Lean concept of “go see”. Needless to say, seeing an application of Lean in the actual workplace is much more effective than reading about one. Whether hosting or attending, we always gain practical insight and improvement ideas from Lean Leader Meetings and Workshops." 

Randell Roy, V.P. Operations 

THG Corporation

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Joe Rizzo

Director & Founder


Joe has over 40 years of experience in operations, manufacturing, and engineering and has expertise in high-growth companies, start-ups, turnarounds, new product development, and emerging technologies. An innovative problem solver, he is proficient in world-class manufacturing, strategic analysis and planning, organizational development, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Green technologies, and global operations. He is adept at generating new business and shepherding new product development and has a history of achieving remarkable gains in new business and revenue.


Joe’s credentials include over 40 years of experience in Manufacturing and Operations.  As plant manager of three departments of the General Electric Insulating Materials Department, Joe was doing Lean before it was called Lean.


In over four years with the Mass MEP and three years as the Executive Director of the Jacksonville Lean Consortium, Joe has helped over 100 companies start a Continuous Improvement program based on Lean or helped companies improve their Continuous Improvement programs. See a list of Jacksonville Lean Consortium clients here.


Joe recently completed an approximate two-year assignment with Saft Batteries as the World Class Manager for Saft Jacksonville. In this position, Joe instituted a Continuous Improvement Program based on Lean. Joe helped to create a culture of Continuous Improvement and create a World Class facility. Joe conducted training, led Kaizens, implemented 5S, and conducted Value Stream Mapping sessions.


Prior to that time, Joe had been a consultant in Lean and Six Sigma for six years including over one year with Boston Industrial Consulting and over four years with the Massachusetts MEP. See a list of Mass MEP clients here.


Joe has worked in the industry for 45 years, holding positions in Manufacturing and Operations Management, as well as positions in Engineering Management. In addition to his technical and managerial skills, Joe holds an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University and has taken several graduate courses in Industrial Management at Union College and SUNY State University of New York at Albany.


During the past twenty-seven years, Joe has been active in AME, Association for Manufacturing Excellence. AME is a professional organization that showcases World Class Manufacturing Excellence, and Lean Manufacturing, through a series of Workshops, Seminars, an Annual Conference, and a premier publication, “Target” Magazine. Joe has been on the Board of Directors, a two-time President, and the Vice-President of the Northeast Region of AME. In addition, Joe has served on the National Board of Directors of AME. More recently, Joe was the Conference Chair for the AME 2009 Annual Conference held in Covington, KY. Joe was  Suppliers Flight Leader for the San Antonio 2013 Spring Conference. Joe Worked with the Conference Large Groups for several conferences and is currently Co-Chair for Plant Tours for the Boston 2017 Conference.


Joe was a member of AIChE, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and was the founding Chairman of the Syracuse Chapter of RI/SME, Robotics Institute of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He was also a Board member for the local chapter of AIIE in Syracuse. Recently, Joe was the President of the SME Downeast Chapter of SME, a term he held for one and a half years.


Joe has had a successful career in the industry including assignments as:



  • Operations Manager for three separate facilities for General Electric, Insulating Materials Department.

  • Plant Manager for a new product facility for General Electric, Insulating Materials Department.

  • Manager of Advanced Manufacturing Engineering for the General Electric Cathode Ray Tube Operation and recipient of a GE Management award for process improvements resulting in significant improvement in the quality of color television picture tubes.

  • Manager of Equipment Engineering for North American Philips Display Products.

  • Division Manager for two molding and assembly plants for the manufacture of audio cassettes.

  • Plant Manger for a molding and fulfillment plant that manufactured compact discs.

  • Director of Program Management for Nypro Inc., successfully completing over 300 new product development programs. Joe was instrumental in bringing six sigma quality levels to all new products.

  • Lead Project Manager and Business Development Manager for the Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Recipient of the “Top Gun” award in 2003, 2005, and the “Above and Beyond’ Award in 2005.

  • One of Joe’s initial consulting assignments was for a $750 million manufacturer and retailer of consumer products. He led eight teams in four plants in cost reduction programs. At the end of one year, the teams completed projects with a total annualized savings of over $10 million.

  • Executive Director of the Jacksonville Lean Consortium

  • World Class Manager for Saft Batteries in Jacksonville, Florida


While at Nypro Inc, the seventh largest Custom Injection Molder of Plastics in the US, Joe served on the Board of Directors for NP Medical, Nypro Oregon, and was Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nypro Alabama.



Stacey Hussey

Virtual Assistant for Marketing

After 11 years in a corporate level of the hospitality industry, Stacey established her own virtual assistant business called Coffee & Flow Creative. She is a website designer, and also assists with website updates, social media management, and email marketing.

Stacey Hussey.jpg

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