New England Lean Consortium

The New England Lean Consortium is a dynamic, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing Lean in all sectors of our economy. Driven by members needs, the NELC can provide the philosophy, tools, and techniques to meet today's business challenges through members serving members, including but not limited to the following sectors: manufacturing, service/transaction, businesses, education, healthcare, and government.


Drive competitive performance improvements by expanding Lean culture and sharing lessons learned.



New England Lean Consortium aspires to be a national leader in promoting a culture of operational excellence by connecting our members through world-class learning and networking opportunities.





Continuous Improvement
Quality - Safety - Cost - Delivery - Morale (QSCDM)

Engaged membership
Sharing, networking, volunteering time, talent, space and resources


Cross-Sector Participation
Varying levels of knowledge and experience with Lean and levels within organizations


Integrity and Trust
Foundation for sharing among competitive organizations, businesses, and consultants


Collaborative Learning
Hands-on, experiential learning, teaching/coaching/mentoring


Cultural Transformation
Everyone, every way, every day


Welcome members from ALL sectors of the economy.



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"Membership in the New England Lean Consortium enables us to share best practices with other Lean leaders and practitioners in a very tangible way. The site-specific Lean Leader meetings are especially valuable as they encourage and support the Lean concept of “go see”. Needless to say, seeing an application of Lean in the actual workplace is much more effective than reading about one. Whether hosting or attending, we always gain practical insight and improvement ideas from Lean Leader Meetings and Workshops."   Randell Roy, V.P. Operations THG Corporation


"I appreciate the tours that you set up...I learned so much and they gave me great examples of how Lean builds a workforce capable of problem-solving." Sarah Boisvert author of  The New Collar Workforce




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