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The New England Lean Consortium is a dynamic, member-driven organization dedicated to advancing Lean in all sectors of our economy. Driven by members needs, the NELC provides the philosophy, tools, and techniques to meet today's business challenges through members serving members, including but not limited to manufacturing, education, service/transaction businesses, healthcare, and government. Read 5 Reasons to Join a Lean Consortium here.

New England Lean Consortium aspires to be a national leader in promoting a culture of operational excellence by connecting our members through world-class learning and networking opportunities.

Lean Events in New England

We offer a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year. Click the button below to see the event schedule & mark your calendars for upcoming events. 

Lean Learning Opportunities

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We offer organizational and individual memberships. When your organization joins ALL of your employees become members and enjoy all of the benefits of an NELC membership.

“The Lean Leaders Meetings take place in the real world, with real world experiences and real world opportunities to learn. Therefore, the Lean Leaders Meeting is the prime activity of the New England Lean Consortium. As far as I know, there are no other organizations in New England that can offer its members six to twelve plant tours each year.”

The New England Lean Consortium Members        


" As a member of NELC our Maine Business Unit have learned a lot from educational and professional growth activities organized by the NELC. When we started our Lean journey, NELC was a big vehicle for us. There is so much to learn as a member of NELC. One of many industrial/professional growth activities is the idea of visiting other companies and having them present to us their workflow/process. Personally, this is one of the most incredibly valuable sessions. A great way to learn the "do's" and "don't". This has enabled me to bring some excellent practices into what we do. I have found a lifelong organization I will always be part of."



—  Churchill Elangwe of Wunderlich-Malich

Located in Winslow, Maine

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